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Mommy & Me
(Pre-Level Classes)

Introduce your little one to the wonder of dance and have a magical time together at these exciting and fun-filled dance classes.

Suitable for students from two years of age, these lessons allow parents to join in and help their child to feel at home in the dance world.

Tippy Toes & Tappy Feet
(Pre-Level Classes)

Don’t worry about choosing between styles!

Go for a combo class to start your child off on the right foot when it comes to their dance experience. 

We have a focus on fun and creativity during every class. 

Hop & Bop (Tumble & Jazz)

Has your child got energy to burn? 

Students love to move to the music and explore what they are capable of in these fast-paced and fun combo dance lessons. 


Ballet forms the foundation of all dance styles. 

Students who learn this technique can apply their body control and personal presentation skills in so many other areas of life. 

Our classes are focused on building a strong foundation before progressing to more impressive leaps and turns. 


This popular and dynamic style is taught in a positive environment to all age groups. Jazz is enjoyable for any dancer who just wants to get moving! 

Students have the opportunity to work towards competitions, or can come along to classes for their own enjoyment. 


Contemporary Dance at Next Level Dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet, offering a fluid movement style and encouraging creative thinking. 

This form of dance often shares emotive storylines, encouraging students to express themselves through movements.

Hip Hop

Modern and dynamic, hip hop is certainly addictive. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! 

Next Level Dance Students master individual moves before learning to build up to longer routines.


Made popular during the 20th Century, this appealing dance style still has its place in the modern world. 

Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility.

Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre program delivers a mix of jazz, tap, contemporary and modern dance skills. 

Students combine their love of song with dance in these energetic and diverse classes.

Acro Dance

Get ready to bend, stretch and tumble!

Acro teaches students how to control their body and master those impressive moves you see on TV or even at the circus! 


Spend time focusing on the intricate movements that lead to success on the stage. 

These classes are ideal for students who have serious ambition when it comes to their performance and future as a dancer.

Stretch and Condition

Stretching and conditioning helps dance students to develop flexibility and control so they can master more difficult dance movements, learn more complicated routines and impress their audience! 

All classes are taught in a safe environment to prevent injury and encourage an understanding of how a dancer’s body needs to work.